I am really nervous as I've never done this before.

Everyone has a 'first time' and it is quite natural to feel nervous or apprehensive. I will put you at ease when you arrive as I specialise in first timers and discuss any fears you may have with you. Having a massage is a perfectly natural thing and not embarrassing or shameful. We all crave human contact and you will soon relax and enjoy your experience.

I am happy to talk you through any questions you may have beforehand either by e-mail or in person when you arrive. As everyone is an individual, each massage is unique. As a masseur I am very intuitive and closely monitor your responses and adapt the massage in order that you gain the maximum pleasure from it.

I'm straight or just a bit curious, does that matter?

No, in a nutshell, how you identify your sexuality is your business. My clients vary from married and single men, gay, bi, straight, curious etc. Each person is unique and everyone has their own reasons for wanting a massage. Each client is treated the same and  your visit to me will be discreet and remain confidential at all times.


I don't want to show my number or e-mail address.

I fully understand your need for privacy. If you contact me via e-mail or text I can respond usually within an hour. If you do want to phone me and with hold your number then you may have to try more than once to get hold of me as I may be in a therapy. I will never send you unsolicited calls, texts or e-mails.

I'm afraid I will get aroused and feel embarrassed.

Having an erection is an entirely natural response to any mental or physical stimulation. As men, we know these can happen without warning and at any time. Sensual massage is an intensely stimulating experience, sexual arousal during this type of massage is quite normal and happens to most men , it is absolutely nothing at all to be embarrassed about and will not be frowned upon.


Am I allowed to touch you?

A naturist sensual massage by its definition means that close body contact will occur. If you wish to touch me then that is fine as this often helps guys who are exploring their own sexuality.


Is your therapy room private?

I work from home and live in a very quiet residential area with parking outside my premises. Discretion is assured and expected in return.