Relax massage, is a professional massage developed by myself and is a combination of massage techniques designed to fully relax tired muscles, relieve stress and strains of the day and reset your natural body and mind balance .


Utilising my techniques, the massage concentrates on the neck, shoulders, back, and legs to relieve those feelings of tightness that can ultimately lead to aches and pains.


The Relax massage is performed on a heated, memory foam massage couch for ultimate comfort and the client can leave their underwear on if preferred or can be draped with a modesty throw as required. Pure essential oils are used in combination with this massage after an initial consultation prior to the massage commencing. Non scented pure oils can also be used as required, please ask if you require this prior to the massage commencing.


This Relax massage is ideal for those men seeking to relax and be pampered for a little bit of me time and can help remove those busy day to day stresses that you have.

The masseur remains clothed for this massage.