This massage is all about sensual touch. Using the hands, arms and fingertips, the massage strokes used are gentle and sweeping which make them stimulating and effective. It not only relaxes the body and releases sexual tension but it calms the mind and eases you into a more relaxed state. you will find that this is a liberating and pleasurable experience.


This massage is ideal for men who are curious about their sexuality or have never had a male touch them sensually before. All you need to do is relax and allow your day to day life to take a back seat and let the masseurs hands do their magic. The masseur is also naked which helps to break down any physical barriers and makes us all equal. This massage will allow you to experience physical pleasure in a safe, discreet environment without any demands for you to reciprocate.


Many clients who book this massage are first timers or nervous or sexually curious and often have many questions. I am a friendly non judgemental person, I will do my utmost to put you at ease and answer any questions you may have, No question is a silly question, I’ve probably heard them all before. If you have any question please do not hesitate in asking.

Your privacy and discretion are guaranteed and every massage can be tailored specifically for you.