A body shaving experience for guys who like their body soft and smooth but wish to be pampered at the same time without the pain and hassle of waxing! Just relax on my comfortable warm heated couch, unwind with the back ground music while I shave away your hairs. Add on a massage at the end if you so wish for the ultimate relaxation experience.

What to expect from your body shaving experience. Every area to be shaved will be thoroughly washed with a natural anti bacterial soap to start so the area is completely clean before the shave. (for particularly long hairy areas clippers will be used prior to the area being cleansed). After the cleansing process a small amount of pre shave oil with added tea tree will be applied to the area along with shaving foam/gel. The shave will then commence using new pre sterilised razors for each area. Once the area is shaved there follows a further cleanse of the area to ensure all remaining shaved hair, pre shave oil and foam/gel is removed and gently patted dried. A refreshing post shave moisturising cream with added Vitamin E, Jojoba and Frankincense oil is then applied to all shaved areas.

The body shaving experience gives you confidence you will receive a good clean shave, soft smooth skin with the least irritation possible. It is recommended the day after your shave and days following you care for your skin by using body wash scrubs and moisturisers with added vitamin E. The whole process, along with your own after care helps with the reduction and or elimination of red irritation, lumps and bumps.